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Bike Engine StarFire KIT GEN III Gt5 SUPER RAT


Product Code: e080alu
Product Name: StarFire KIT GEN III Gt5 SUPER RAT
Price: $300.00


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 *ALL NEW* Easy to fit - GT5 70cc 'SUPER RAT' engine kit includes all components for mounting to your bicycle frame to change your push bike into a pleasure machine!.

The 'RAT' Fit - Wider front & rear engine mounts allow the all new StarFire SUPER RAT & SUPER MOUSE motors to fit Lower into the bike frame to give more space at the top end.

Fitting - Front engine mount accommodates the 40 to 50mm down tubes, with rear engine mount seat tube 28 to 32mm diameter range, gives better engine mounting clearance. 

All new more powerful Super Rat 70cc Integrated HT coil 3 point spark plug, larger engine mounts, 8mm engine studs, angle fire plug head and much more.

The integral CDI gives better engine spark straight from the solid state magneto coil.
No more bullet connectors to loosen and water tight coil HT power delivered straight to the 3 point spark plug.

The new Intake Tube with larger tube aperture gives better fuel breathing intake for more engine power.

For durability the Body of 'THE RAT' incorporates heavy duty 6203 crankshaft bearings and 7.5 wide oil seals on both sides of the shaft

One piece Flywheel counter balances 23 needle bearing with improved lubrication vent.

The 'HEART' of THE SUPER RAT has a 47x40mm barrel bore & stroke that gives unbelievable power that you can only experience on the back of the motorized StarFire Super Rat.               

"It's all for the rider"  ...the power of the 'SUPER RAT'

More information is available in the StarFire Instruction Manual....

Average engine kit assembly time may take two to four hours, perhaps longer or even a few days, depending on mechanical ability. But the joy of assembling your Bike Motor and kit components to your bike frame, will give you total satisfaction when you fire that StarFire motor into life for the first time to motorize your push bike. A rewarding joy and challenge is found, in designing the custom installation of your own.

The StarFire brand of bike engine kit is sold to a global market, with a large volume of sales to North American, therefore, US compliance requires StarFire engine and kit components to be produced to a high standard of engineering quality. Using only Top Quality Components in the StarFire bike engine kit, such as Japanese 10 point Roller Needle Bearings - Chromium Engine Barrel for Racing Endurance on the GEN III - Ball Bearing Chain Idler - Heavy Duty 415 Drive Chain - 3 point Spark Plug for more Go - New Push Button Clutch Lever - Accelerator Kill Switch for Safety.
StarFire engines are economical to run and will travel approximately 100 K's on one dollar of two stroke petrol mix.

It is strongly recommended that a run in period at low speeds of 15/20 kph on short 20/30 minute journeys to prevent engine over heating, be observed. When your StarFire Engine has been run in, this will give longevity of engine life, better engine performance and extra power with a lower fuel consumption.
During the run in period, we recommend, that the petrol to oil mix for your two stroke engine be...18 parts fuel to 1 part of top quality synthetic two stroke motor oil such as Castrol R30. After your engine has been run in, burning approx fifteen litres at fuel ratio of 18:1 through the engine motor, you can change the petrol to oil mixture to...25 parts fuel to 1 part of quality synthetic two stroke motor oil, Castrol R30 or the top quality Castrol A747 or Shell Advance. Along with cleaner motor running, the quality synthetic two stroke racing oils give a more fragrant exhaust emissions with less smoke than regular two stroke fuel oil.


The 'RUN IN' ratio fuel mix for your new StarFire Gt5 70cc engine motor - ratio fuel mix is 18:1 ....burning approx 15 litres through the engine.
For a five litre fuel storage container, divide 5000 by 18 = 277ml - this is the component quantity of two stroke oil required to add to the empty 5 litre container before adding the unleaded petrol to make up the recommended fuel mix for your StarFire two stroke engine motor.
For a two litre fuel storage container, divide 2000 by 18 = 111ml - this the component quantity of two stroke oil required to be added to the empty 2 litre container before adding the unleaded petrol to make up the recommended fuel mix for your StarFire two stroke engine motor.
Adopt the same proceedure when your GT80 engine motor is run in, using the fuel ratio of 25:1


StarFire Gen III Gt5 *SUPER RAT* 70 'Angle Fire' Motorized Bike Engine Kit Specifications....


  • Engine Type -- Two Stroke Air Cooled Single Cylinder Friction Start
  • Head -- 3 Point electrode Spark Plug on 'Angle Fire' Configuration
  • Fuel Run In Ratio Mix -- 18:1 Using synthetic two stroke oil - Castrol R30
  • Fuel Regular Ratio Mix -- 25:1 Using synthetic two stroke oil - Castrol R30
  • Engine Displacement -- 70cc
  • CNC Machined One Piece Flywheels & Shaft
  • Bigger 6203 P5 Crankshaft Bearings
  • FB 17 x 29 x 7.5 Oil Seals same both sides
  • Dual Needle Bearings on Piston Connecting Rod
  • Improved Cylinder Design with Free Flow Porting
  • Bore -- 48mm
  • Stroke -- 39.8mm
  • Compression Ratio -- 6.4 : 1
  • Ignition -- Fan Cooled, Electronic Solid State 'water tight' Integral Magneto & HT CDI Coils
  • M8 Cylinder & Front Engine Mount Studs
  • Bigger 40mm Carburettor Intake manifold
  • Power Rating -- 2kw @ 5500rpm
  • Average Speed -- 55kph
  • Fuel Economy (after run in) -- 120km/litre fuel
  • Front Mounting - Fits 32 to 40mm Down Tube Diameter
  • Weight (kit) -- 9.3kg
  • Fuel Tank -- 2.5 litres


To ensure your Star Fire Bike Engine arrives in perfect condition, we pack it in dual heavy duty cartons. Look here.


Bicycle Engine Kit Buyer....


As in the operation of any mechanical equipment or motorized vehicle, operating a motorized bicycle or assembly of a bicycle engine kit is no exception and can involve risk of serious bodily injury.  The buyer absolves the seller and accepts responsibility for engine kit assembly and all vehicle operation that can and may lead to personal bodily injury, social distress, economic loss, other losses, costs and damages from day of purchase.

Your Legal Obligation

National Australian road rules & regulations, states that a power assisted pedal cycle or bicycle with an optional or auxiliary power source attached can be no greater than a power rating of 200 watts.

A motorized or power assisted bicycle with an auxiliary power source attached with a power output of greater than 200 watts is not permitted to be used on public land, open space, state road, highway, freeway, shared footpaths, bicycle paths or any area there is public access.

A bicycle or vehicle with two wheels and powered by an electric motor or internal combustion engine generating more than 200 watts is required to comply with The Department of Infrastructure and Transport national standards of Australian design Rules for moped and motorcycle requirements prior to operation on a public road or area of public access.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser of a bicycle engine kit or the operator of a motorized bicycle to be fully aware, understand and comply with the road rules & regulations of Australian State laws governing the use of a power or pedal assisted motorized bicycle, off road or in a public place, on any state road, highway or freeway. StarFire Distributors includes a guideline information page ‘Cycling and the Law’ for your consideration, with links to access your state information, so that you can be fully informed before you make a purchase or operate any power assisted bicycle legally and safely.