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Bike Engine Part: Gen III MOTOR Gt5 SUPER RAT 70


Product Code: Gt5-SR-70
Product Name: Gen III MOTOR Gt5 SUPER RAT 70
Price: $260.00


Gen III Gt5 SUPER RAT 70cc - Full Engine only

  • Wider front & rear engine mounts, accommodates 40 to 50mm down tubes.
  • Integral CDI with solid state magneto coil, water tight coil HT power delivered straight to the 3 point spark plug. Intake carburettor tube with the larger aperture gives better fuel breathing intake for more engine power.
  • The one piece Flywheel counter balances 23 needle bearing on the heavy duty 6203 crankshaft bearings with 7.5 wide oil seals and improved lubrication vent with a 47x40mm barrel bore & stroke, that delivers unbelievable power.