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Answer 1:

Detailed instructions including screen shots.

  • Add your selected product items to cart by using the 'Add to Cart' buttons. Your Cart $ value is calculated on your selected items included. When finished shopping ...Click the 'Check out' button at the top right of the page that appears when you add your purchase item to the cart.
  • On the Cart Contents page: Click on the delivery method 'Ordinary or Express Post' & shipping postcode, this will calculate the delivery cost to your post code area. Click Continue.
  • Next, on the Client Details page: Fill in your billing and shipping details. Click Continue.
  • On the Order Review and Payment page: Review all your details and if correct ...nominate your payment method. Click Continue.
  • Your order will only be processed after full Credit Card or Direct Deposit payment is received in our nominated NAB account.
  • StarFire Distributors do not offer a COD facility.
  • Verification at Order Completed / Order ID page ...wait a couple of minutes to check for confirmation email.
  • Your order is dispatched to arrive at your nominated address via your friendly Australia Post representative... 'Go Motorized'

Answer 2:

The engine kits and spare parts are produced by our Chinese partners in a small town out side the city of Shanghai.
Star Fire Bike Engines are the wholesale distribution coordinator for the StarFire brand of products sold in Australia.

Answer 3:

Delivery Charges are automatically calculated depending on the total weight of your order. Delivery is through Australia Post and the delivery charges are calculated according to the rates shown in the 'Post Charges' booklet published by Australia Post. A small fee may also be added to cover the costs of envelopes and the completion of statutory forms. The delivery charges that will be charged to your order can always be viewed by clicking on the shopping cart link and then clicking the edit/select button of the Delivery Details . The Delivery Options window opens and displays the options and costs, simply select the radio button for the type of delivery required. Australian destinations have a choice of Ordinary Post or Express Post. International Destinations can choose from Airmail of Economy Airmail.
Delivery is made during business hours, a specified delivery time cannot be arranged.
Post Office Box addresses are acceptable.

Transit shipping insurance against loss, damage or misappropriation is not included in the delivery charge and is for customer discretion.

Answer 4:

Answer 04: Your Order will be processed on the same business day that we receive your Order Payment in our StarFire NAB account and dispatched via Australia Post:

  • Road Mail - allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery
  • Air Mail - allow 1 to 3 business days for delivery

Answer 5:

Goods and Services Tax. All the prices quoted are in Australian dollars, The prices quoted include GST.

Answer 6:

No. The business model StarFire Bike Engines has adopted is to focus only on internet sales. This avoids the necessity of having to lease showrooms and engage sales staff. This keeps our costs low and enables us to offer the low prices you see on our web site.

Answer 7:

In short, we do not distribute any of the details you provide in the ordering process to any other organisation, except those organisations that play a direct role in the order process, specifically those organisations that authorise credit card payments and Australia Post or other delivery agents. When information is provided to these organisations only that information required to perform the service is provided.
The following is a brief summary of what occurs to the information you provide when placing an order with Starfire Bike Engines, assuming payment by credit card.
After clicking on the button [Complete Checkout-Issue Order ID] the information is saved in a password protected SQL database. The credit card number is further secured by applying an encryption algorithm. Email containing the order details and addresses are sent to the sales team at Starfire Bike Engines and the customer. The email contain only the last 4 digits of the credit card number. When an order email is received at Starfire Bike Engines we then access the database using purpose written software that accesses the database and retrieves the information, including the credit card information. the credit card details are then sent to a credit card approving authority using an encrypted SSL connection. The credit card information is never stored in any computer based database at Starfire Bike Engines. After a period of approximately 12 weeks all the data pertaining to an order is deleted from the SQL database.

Answer 8:

Sure Can. Look here.

Answer 9:

Your legal obligation

National Australian road rules & regulations, states that a power assisted pedal cycle or bicycle with an optional or auxiliary power source attached can be no greater than a power rating of 200 watts.

A motorized or power assisted bicycle with an auxiliary power source attached with a power output of greater than 200 watts is not permitted to be used on public land, open space, state road, highway, freeway, shared footpaths, bicycle paths or any area there is public access.

A bicycle or vehicle with two wheels and powered by an electric motor or internal combustion engine generating more than 200 watts is required to comply with The Department of Infrastructure and Transport national standards of Australian design Rules for moped and motorcycle requirements prior to operation on a public road or area of public access.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser of a bicycle engine kit or the operator of a motorized bicycle to be fully aware, understand and comply with the road rules, regulations and standards of Australian State law governing the use of a power or pedal assisted motorized bicycle, off road or in a public place, on any state road, highway or freeway. A general guideline of information is available here ‘Cycling and the Law’ with links to access your state road rule legislation information, that you can be fully informed before you make a purchase or operate any power assisted bicycle, legally and safely. Legislation and road rules are subject to change, if you have a question regarding power assisted or motorized bicycle use in a public place, it is recommended that you contact the Department of Infrastructure & Transport in your state for up to date information.   

Answer 10:


As in the operation of any mechanical equipment or motorized vehicle, operating a motorized bicycle or assembly of a bicycle engine kit is no exception and can involve risk of serious bodily injury. The buyer absolves the seller and accepts responsibility for the engine kit assembly and all vehicle operation that can and may lead to personal bodily injury, social distress, economic loss, other losses, costs and damages from day of purchase.

Answer 11:

Return products that are in new condition and are returned in the original packaging. "New condition" means ....that the product packaging has not been opened, has not been installed, fuelled, started or ridden, altered or damaged. All returns must be emailed in advance for authorization prior to return to sender - StarFire Distributors. Return shipping and insurance charges are the responsibility of the customer. Any merchandise returned without authorization or any merchandise returned freight collect is subject to being refused. Products with damage delivered by Australia Post shall be reported by the customer to Australia Post and file claim accordingly to Australia Post. Products damaged by neglect or abuse will not be covered by warranty. All prepaid shipping and insurance charges for product forwarding and return items are the responsibility of the customer. Please allow 1-3 week turnaround time for your exchange to be processed. Missing accessories or product item has been altered will result in a reduced credit amount by the actual replacement cost of those items. The item must be shipped back with care and all returned merchandise must be in its original carton or packaging. All returned merchandise is subject to a 20% or minimum $35 restocking fee, this includes the processing fee. Exchange policy - same policy as returns applies to exchange items "New condition" means that the product packaging has not been opened, has not been installed, fuelled, started or ridden, altered or damaged.